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Shooting for 2 new Beatbox and Guitar Video
8:44 AM

11 Oct 2008.

I made these videos on 9 Oct 2008 and 10 Oct 2008. I hope you can support me by rating, commenting and throw me personal feedback.

You can criticize/commend me specifically on any area: the production skills, clothes, hair-do, background setting and/or music-beatbox and guitar. Please do not hesitate, as I am eager to improve!

As your reference note, I do not attend any music or video production classes. I learn from feedback. You can make me a better musician.

Romance Guitar with BeatBox: Cover of Rene Bartoli

Fur Elise Guitar with BeatBox: Cover of Beethoven

Fusion of Guitar Styles/Influences
ShoulderNeck Style
Pop Acoustic
Reverse Flamenco

  Okay, probably some of you were already informed of the debut for these videos. So, I am not gonna parrot my points instead elaborate on what went behind the scene of my recording. It was really hot and stuffy in my room.I had to switch off my fan as the camera might captured the wind sound.

  My camera storage card has only 128 mb of space. So, I have a maximum of 2 takes per recording session. Every time I hit the record button, it's the make-it or break-it moment.

  Why I say that? my battery last only 35 - 50 minutes maximum. As a result, I would have to take a whole day to charge my batteries if that Take didn't go well. Thankfully, everything went well that day. Within 15 minutes, I managed to record without disturbance of the aforementioned camera technical aspects.

  Now, you're probably asking, "uhm...Why you are telling me all these?". My intention is to just briefly educate you on getting a decent recording by minimizing these interferences that your camera might caused.

  Something else funny happened that day. I was walking by my sister's room. She was at her workplace then.
I saw a figurine of a mouse on top of her air-cond. I thought to myself," Eh... when she bought that teddy bear ah?" Thus, I decided to do a closer inspection of it. I thought it was really cute as it was so real.

   I walked nearer into the room and then left . As I left, I saw some movement. It was really a REAL RAT!!! I saw that her room window was opened. Probably that was how it sneaked in. It took me, my hysterical mom and broom to chase it out. LOL!

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1 Niury  
wow. i am peslaantly surprised on the positive feed back i am recieving. thank you. it is remarks like yours that keep me going and any and all feedback is welcome. tell me what you would like to see more of.

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