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College Expression
4:25 PM

       People stereotyped me as the nerdy hardworking guy in college throughout these years. I won't deny I am not but I want them to know I have a life too, beyond studying and varsity life. When invited for eatery and activity social gatherings, I declined their countless invitations. The reason was simply because I had chosen to prioritize my studies over gatherings. Having that said, might got you wondering if I am really a brilliant student. I like to esteem myself as one but when people acclaims, I deny in the sense of practicing humbleness and humility.

         However, definitely there are other students who are smarter than me and in fact, I admit being very jealous and envious of others who are enrolled in Harvard, Oxford and other top colleges/universities. I look up to them. To start off, I don't believe in my course and degree anymore after undertaking my industrial training/ internship. What I learn in my campus satisfies the breadth of the knowledge in various fields but not in terms of depth in a specific field.

        Frankly, I don't have even at least one loyal friend in college. You are thinking what a sadist I am reading this post. At times being alone rocks while it also sucks. Being alone without friend sometimes make me feel lighter, I'm not burdened by commitment and obligation.Like, let's say, constantly messaging or calling to find out the location of one another or waiting for he/she to come out from the toilet or maybe waiting for him/her to enter the class together. On the other hand, being alone sucks as they say "no man is an island". I am so secluded that I don't know happenings and updates regarding studies and life.

    Reading the above made felt like a loser too, pretty much. See, the truth is,  I don't really get to express myself the way I want to in college. No, I'm not selling my pride by acting with some 'gay' or 'tranny' pose or jokes or etc. Some guys would, because that is the only way they are welcomed to express themselves in the situation. I guess this is an offensive issue shall close here.


Sean Lon
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