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Fun Fooling Recording Session with Ex-High School 'Kakiis'
3:50 PM

This post is my video and photo entry for Kakiis.I know my editing of photos and videos are not really good that is why we try to compensate with great conceptual and creative ideas. No mean of offending or mockery to anything or anyone. Please respect yourself and our intellectual ideas. VOTE FOR US lah!!!

experimentalism seanlon

CONTEST PRIZES - I Want them all!!!
experimentalism seanlon

experimentalism seanlon

experimentalism seanlon

Who's got the BEST buddies around?

experimentalism seanlon

You are probably asking, "Why?" and expect some sort of exaggeration from me.

Firstly, let me clarify. To me friends are not perfect people. In a relationship, we have ups and downs. We can not always expect them to accommodate to our needs. Sometimes, we have to give and take as well as tolerate. There will be times we feel that the costs and investments we make in them seem very much unworthy. We should not be short-sighted but look at the possibility in a long-run.

However, we must realize we are all human which make us prone to errors and inevitably flaws in our decisions. These decisions sometime harm the one around us. We are no God but sometimes our over exceedingly ego elevates our thought which cheats us into illusionary beliefs that we are supreme in comparison to these so-called “friends” of ours.

Hence, we might see friends hanging out but their bonding merely implies a master-servant relationship. One eager for acceptance whiles the other eager for control and power. I am writing this from my heart, visualizing past experiences as a reference sheet. I admit adopting this mindset during my days in high schools. During my high school period, students accept and tend to perceive a social hierarchy of status. Your position in this ‘chart’ depends on which group you fall in: The nerds, jocks, jokers or musicians.

I view myself as in between the nerds and musicians since I was an aspiring rocker too. As a result, I tend to judge people like these two friends: C. H and Raymond. We had our arguments (for the record, no it’s not in binary language) before.

As years passed on after our high school graduation, each of us took separate paths, education wise. We do keep-in-touch but the process is somehow treated arduously like an obligation. Now, after more hang-out and chuckle sessions, we finally can embrace each other for what we are, disregarding stereotypes. I appreciate them because they accept and cherish every bit of what I belief and am interested in although they are not fully parallel with their interest or vision.

With this, I confirm my answer again. ” Who's got the BEST buddies around? “

Me, Sean Lon.

Here are the photos and videos we took on 16 Nov 2008. You know how they say Girls’ Night Out ?We have “Boys' Day In” courtesy of C.H’s house and hospitality.

From left to right: C.H, me and Raymond. Soda Boys.
experimentalism seanlon

Ultra-Friends or Foes?
experimentalism seanlon

Ultimate Pose: Snake Crawl from Yoga Bridge Under Eagle Stance
experimentalism seanlon

I really love how spontaneous and daring they are at that time. Any poses, I suggest they play along with great sporting attitude! Better yet, they improvise the ideas. Despite our age, fear of being called childish, we proceed in executing those poses. We had a great time! It was excitingly funny that we decided to do a video also. It's like those moments in high school, we would act crazy poses and do weird joke stuff for the sake of releasing stress from school subjects and parents' expectations. The video is a re-play of one of our high school random sketch scene during recess after watching too much wrestling- The Undertaker. LOL!

Can't us guys just have fun without being disturbed and teased names like attending Sausage Party?

We hope you can help to vote for our video at entitled BBox Dance Handshake.

Alternatively, for entertainment purposes, you can watch our full YOUTUBE full bloopers version. Handless Japanese Warior's Reminiscent of Secret Handshake

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8 sean  
Elora Mariel : HAha! Glad u appreciate it! :)

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7 Elora Mariel  
LOL! those pictures are really funny (well to me) and it's great to have friends that are spontaneous! I have at least 1 or 2 friends that are like that but that's it. :D

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6 sean  
wenQ: Nah. I'm from UTAR PJ.
Please vote 4 me-lah! My conceptual idea already damn out-the-box. Thanks for your compliment too.
The weekly english could be cooler with video though.

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5 wenQ  
just realised u posted two messages at C Box. haha

hey wow thanks for your compliment leh! *blushes*
that guy is an American therefore he speaks good english! *admires* lol

i will make more weekly english and try to make it as a weekly thing for wenQ's Space. xD stay tuned!

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4 wenQ  
hi Sean! you have a cool site here. =D

oh u joined the kakii's contest ah~ really cool leh~ haha

u from Tar?

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3 sean  
n on da "msian timing" thing, i got no comment..hahaha

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2 sean  
huh? I m talking in general see this photo would sure think it's a sausage party!

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1 YJ  
LoL, u shooting me issit for not tolerating that bloody "msian timing boy"? and calling his trip sausage trip?

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