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Interactive Multimedia Project - Campus SemEthic Challenges v1.0
9:50 AM

Campus SemEthic Challenges v1.0

I) Introduction
Universities have come up with tight rules and regulations. However, students seem to have problem abiding them. Furthermore, sometimes living a campus life is difficult when dilemma of personal(self) versus professional(university) interests clashes in a scenario.


Reduce probability of user making bad decisions by allowing them to make and evaluate these decisions virtually before possibly facing the real scenarios. A virtual interactive platform is needed.

II) Prototype Application

Private and confidential. Interested to preview the actual prototype? Contact me.

III) Diversified Prototype Application

The interactive opportunity provide by YouTube videos was captured.
A new project was formulated using video works by Sean Lon and Li Ren.
Repenting Juvenille
Student v1.0

You're a repenting juvenile. After countless rehab sessions, your parents enroll you to a university. You promised to never disappoint them anymore. However, you've a rebellious side. Your goal is to finish traversing all places (levels) in the game. Steer away from troubles by choosing the right decision for every ethical dilemmas.

IV) Project Background
This concept was founded by a group of students (Y2,S3) in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, FICT, PJ @ December, Year 2008 during their short semester.

Basically, the web-based project is an interactive game of a first-person view in the actual-like environment of traversing the building.  The aim is to generate a personalized report for the students to understand his/herself better in the context of behaving in the campus. Mainly, the ethical dilemmas will make student do wrong things. Hence , the application gives user virtual provisional space to make mistakes so that user would not make these mistakes in real life. Also, they can learn and improve self.

IE 6.
256 mb ram and above.
Windows based OS.

Original Project Members:

Sean Lon
Kaa Yan
Li Ren
Yann Lam
Chew Ling

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