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A short documentary on 29-year-old Adele, an intersex person (XXY).

Born with ambiguous genital, she undergo surgeries to "correct" it. By the time, she was seven, she already had four similar surgeries. She was brought up as a boy, yet she has always felt that she was a girl. Now, Adele is now pursuing gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.

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Category: Sharing is Caring! | Views: 672 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-12 | Comments (0)

So here is a great comedian that really made my weekends!

I laughed so hard, I felt off my chair upon discovering and watching his first video! Really super funny person!

If you need ideas, time-killers, depression-pills or stress buster, watch all his videos.

Halloween Gay VAmpire

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Category: Sharing is Caring! | Views: 681 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-09 | Comments (0)

I got this from my email. I had a great time laughing! Hope you have a great laugh too!


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Category: Sharing is Caring! | Views: 782 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-08 | Comments (3)

This was a short story-poem excerpted from the book,"In Seach Of Words". The author is Jeffrey Lim Sui Yin.

Toby II


We never awaken from our dreams.

A crowded bus at rush hour

Eager bodies push to get home

But Toby will take any seat he is accorded

It so happens that they give him one

Toby is dressed in a blue short sleeve shirt

Toby's face is wrinkled

Toby's hands are shaking

Toby has lost his dimples

Of long ago.

Bus pitches back and forth

Swaying with the rise and fall,

Toby is rocked gently by a traffic mother to sleep

Toby closes his eyes and dreams

Toby's quivering eyelids

Shield shy eyes that sometimes peek from their folds

At the angry,busy people

Toby has never understood them at all

He shrinks as a teenager brushes past him, rushing

He has nothing to offer prospective robbers

The wallet is just a happy self-deception

He ... Read more »

Category: Sharing is Caring! | Views: 627 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-10-29 | Comments (0)

Welcome to the first post of Sharing is Caring!! Today's topic would be merging your picture into different cool contexts. If you're keen, go to

This site provides a platform for transformation effects.
Best of all, it is 100% FREE. No sign-up required.
Fast, quick and easy!
Just upload your photo, and viola! you have these effects.

These are what I obtained from the site! 

experimentalism seanlon

experimentalism se
		<!-- ... Read more »

Category: Sharing is Caring! | Views: 790 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-10-08 | Comments (6)

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