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Site Preface

Have you figured out already what this site is all about?

If you study the banner from its reflection in a mirror, you would likely see the word 'ExperiMentalism'. ExperiMentalism is quite ambiguous but it signifies the author's(my) interest in experimenting. In this context, creative and expressive 'art and music'. However, the author believes there are people like him (maybe you?), who would also dig this concept.

Difficult to grasp? Okay, imagine a lab. Before succeeding in finding the right formula, the scientists do countless experiments endlessly. Now, as a lead-scientist, you are invited and welcomed to participate as my partners, advisers ,co-scientists, lab helper or at least as test subjects to make 'Experimentalism' a success. The worst-case scenario would be having only myself to run the experiments(works) myself in this lab(website). However, I am also perfectly fine with that. [:

ExperiMentalism concept represents creative integration of beatboxing, guitar-playing, song-writing-composing, singing, song-producing, photo editing, web designing,art drawing and all else that matters into its unison term. You are all allowed to participate interactively to make experimentalism a success. "How?" You may be asking.You can start off by signing up an account! If you have any original art or/and music masterpiece/s, send them to me and it will exhibited in this site apart from my works. Acknowledgment and credits would be given.

Having such said, do not imply you have to be an art-extremist, music-fanatic or anyway, anyhow or anywhere related to the niche term 'art and music' to be engaged. Although it could be better that way. (*smirks) Your role is to be as active as possible in this site.

Contribute by pouring your comments/feedbacks over various areas - Music , Blog, Photos and Guestbook. If you have any criticism/s or/and opinion/s that required my attention, inform me via the Contact Us area. Supports are greatly appreciated! Sign up and subscribe to get the most of this site. Also, do not hessitate to ask for any related favor, I would try my best to help, if I am able. [:

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Site Overview

In my Blog, you may read news regarding collection of my life's logs, kudos, kydos and perspectives. If you have any interesting, humorous, motivational and inspirational perspectives, stories or articles to share, contact me if you want them published at my blog.

Contact Us welcomes your:

  • Personal feedback/s for the site or the artist
  • Questions and inquiries
  • Support or help request pertaining to tutorials
  • Interest in using my music
  • Custom request for composing or editing of music
  • Advertisement proposal requests on this site
  • Work contribution to 'ExperiMentalism' Blog, Music and Photo Albums
  • BeatBoxing workshop or performance bookings
  • Deal for media appearances
  • Complementary event invitation passes
  • Sponsorship (in any form) to be added in the Credits Section
  • Link Exchange requests
  • Your donation(if you are feeling generous)

Hit Credits to discover the respective individuals attributed to the success of this site. Check out the acknowledged sponsors too!

Sign my Guestbook to leave me a message and/or opinion for the site's interface and concept (ExperiMentalism). View the entries of those who dropped by my site.

Get your speakers and ears ready for Music! Look out for Audio Articles of Beatbox lessons. Music ranges from original compositions to covers works with mix genres.

Browse through collection of pictures in Photo Albums! Appreciate artistic measures in them.

Keep-in-touch with me and stalk check out other people via Social Connections! Hahaha!

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As at 15 September 2008, I am an unnoticed(unsigned) musician though I'd prefer to esteem myself as an artist. You are probably curious as to why I am having this site. Why not just sign up for other web services cater to independent or unsigned artists ? I have thought about that. However, somehow, I feel this web provides a platform for me to connect with you on both personal and professional surfaces. Apart from that, I intend to utilize and enhance my skills in other areas such as web-page developments, computer graphic enhancements, video makings and audio productions.

I am the 1st Malaysian offering free online beat box lesson ® . As for my performance style, I like the concept of a creative and diverse mix of instruments by one person. Although, I do not have any formal music education, I try my very best to deliver a good show. You are among the people I want to impress and hopefully, inspire. My goal is to be an web phenomenon individual.

Having my own dedicated webspace, gives me a shot to reach out to mass audiences and hence, possibly accomplishing my personal goals of becoming a famous and established musician-cum-artist. In me, there is this dire-ness to succeed in becoming a world-class song producer, lyricist, songwriter and performer in the entertainment field.

Against all odds, I believe that my passion and commitment will glide me there, eventually. My short-term objective is a hope you could feast your ears on my music collections enjoyably. Besides that, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported me all along, fans and friends. [:


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