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Main » 2008 » September » 13 » BeatBox Tutorial Video Was Featured @ YouTube
BeatBox Tutorial Video Was Featured @ YouTube
8:53 AM

This was a video I created at 2nd October, 2007. It is basically, a very basic series of human beatbox lessons. If you have no clue what beatbox is, then you should watch this video below. 

[Link source: ]

One morning (6 August 2008) at my workplace, I went to just to see what are the cool featured videos .

To my surprise, I saw my video there.

I thought an error or glitch had occurred because I was logged in. Thus, I decided then to logged out. I tried to scan for the 'logout' link, but was dumb-founded when there is only a 'Sign In' link.

I abruptly wondered, "does this mean I'm featured...?" As I thought about it, my heart pounded with excitement.

I kept my other fingers crossed as I hit the refresh (F5) button to confirm my hypothesis. Finally, the page re-loaded. Wow! I was stunned! My inner scream kept shouted "My vid is still here, I am featured ! Thanks God! "

A minute later, I re-checked my email Inbox.

I could not believe having '86 new mails' in a MINUTE? Wow!
And it was just all Youtube notifications.

That exciting moment was significant to me because:

1) I notice I was the only Chinese Asian person who was featured that duration for the Howto & Style category. Despite admitting my problems in speaking grammatically-proper English, people still appreciate my explanations and points.

2) Debuting on the #4 featured spot for online tutorial lessons was undeniably awesome.

3) My personal goal was realized. I always wanted this video to be featured at the home page of YouTube. I love beatbox and I want to share it with and expose it to more people.

4) I could hardly believe my video was featured alongside with YouTube Gurus JustinSandercoe and ExpertVillage. I used to watch their videos and I highly esteem their video channels.

5) Lastly, I am really proud to be able to represent the category and art lesson for beatbox . There are many other beatbox tutorials and lessons @ YouTube which I learned from earlier. Never thought, my video could deserve this honor.

An hour later, my Inbox exploded with more than 300 new notifications from YouTube which includes personal messages, comments, subscriptions, friend invites and other events. I was speechless. I received equally much commends and hate opinions. However, it was an ecstatic moment for me to be put down. After 4 weeks, that vid dropped down 97 spots and out of the Top 100 featured videos.

"That Th-That won't kill me can only make me stronger!" Stronger - Kanye West

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2 stewart   [Entry]
"stop the child abuse." lol, but anwyayssss, i have that same picture thing on your wall. haha. (: btw, love youuuu. your awesome!<3

1 bee   [Entry]
Hi, Sean. We have watched your beatbox video clips and think you are really good. We are actually preparing for the DIY 30 hour famine camp in Victoria Institution, Jalan Hang Tuah. It would be at the night of 22nd August 2009. It would be really great to have your performance. Would you like to perform in our camp?

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