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Working now. Tomorrow practical exam for probation period. God. please bless me with endurance and ability to do well. 
Category: Life Log | Views: 1929 | Added by: sean | Date: 2010-02-02 | Comments (2)

Was at the open air area outside The Curve, Piazza, Ikano, Laundry Bar Area in Damansara for the countdown. Awesome atmosphere. May 2010 be a prosperous year for you. May all your resolutions be realized. Happy New Year.

Me and my buddy.

Love the fireworks. Check the video below. It's blur abit at the start but it is clear afterwards during the fireworks scene. The joke is at the last 10 seconds of the video. Enjoy the song with headphones! :]

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Category: Life Log | Views: 1447 | Added by: sean | Date: 2010-01-01 | Comments (0)

This event was held in conjunction with its campaign entitled "Milk Loves You" by Tetra Pak(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
I was there for the prize giving ceremony and to perform my rendition of my song submission to its contest.
The contest title was "Rediscover the Wonders of Milk" . My submission won the video category. The website is


The place was really nice. You can do shopping and walk near the lake side. It was like Malaysian's own Beverly Hills. Most teen girls there dressed up REALLY well. They walk their cute dogs also. You can visit their location website http://w ... Read more »

Category: Life Log | Views: 1711 | Added by: sean | Date: 2009-10-19 | Comments (8)

I think deeply inside everyone is one. We are narcissistic to our self, needs and skills sometimes when we are not aware and sensitive about other people. I won't deny I am one. 

Then again, is it wrong? They are just being true to themselves and their feelings. People tend to call show-offs poser also.

 Do know that if you mock someone else poser, it probably signifies problems with you instead, not the person you accused. Why? In the first place, his/ her show-off is not meant for you. Thus, you cannot blame someone else if you cannot relate to their way of expressing themselves.

Get a gang to mock him/her again but why waste your time?

Don't you have your own life to live?

Congratulations, You have just found the hater in you.

It is a good progress because the Step 1 of healing process is to identify the problem, before seeking cures.

Category: Life Log | Views: 1054 | Added by: sean | Date: 2009-10-01 | Comments (1)

It's not something I recently discovered. I feel like there are seas of opportunity but I dare not continue the journey. Each time I set out, I back down. At the end of the day, I remained stagnant to where I was.  I blamed almost everything and everyone around me because I dare not deal with the consequences of my action and take extra responsibility. I do everything and anything I like because I think I am good in that. Reality begs to differ. I dare not move further beyond my envisioned world. My visions and ambitions had enlarged but my willpower have not expanded. The environment will change, but can i adapt? My main concern now is my final exams, I really want to score all As and get GPA of 4 this semester. However, comparisons of answers can be really daunting. Going to head out to the working world where dog eat dogs. I am terrified by thought of it. I used to remember how I thought life is a bed of roses without the thorns. Now it seems, life is a bed of grasses and thorn ... Read more »
Category: Life Log | Views: 1055 | Added by: sean | Date: 2009-09-17 | Comments (3)

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