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Main » 2009 » October » 19 » World Osteoporosis Day @ Desa Park City, Waterfront
World Osteoporosis Day @ Desa Park City, Waterfront
7:35 AM

This event was held in conjunction with its campaign entitled "Milk Loves You" by Tetra Pak(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
I was there for the prize giving ceremony and to perform my rendition of my song submission to its contest.
The contest title was "Rediscover the Wonders of Milk" . My submission won the video category. The website is


The place was really nice. You can do shopping and walk near the lake side. It was like Malaysian's own Beverly Hills. Most teen girls there dressed up REALLY well. They walk their cute dogs also. You can visit their location website to find out more.

So, getting back to this World Osteoporosis Day in Malaysia. The event began with a walk. Then, some games with the crowds and audiences. After that, it was the Body Pump Demo by Fitness First members. Alongside, there were booths of different dairy milk products for promotional sales and samples.



Then, it was prize giving ceremony for the winners. First category is the 'Blog winners'.


First place winner, BLOG

Next, it was prize giving for the Video category. Can you spot me in the crowd? Waiting before they call me for the 1st prize. LOL. That time, i heard one girl telling her parents behind my back, "Yeah. It's him. I recognize him, he's the guy." I panicked because I "Pai Seh"/ shy with my videos. I think she's the girl in white T shirt behind the red-shirt





After I received my prize, I performed this song. hahaha. It had relevance for the theme.

I felt very honored when they asked me to perform on the phone. Also, they put my performance as closing act and kinda like main performance, i think? Haaha. After most of the activities, the crowd/audience amounts increased . Thus, I get many staring audiences. The aunties were really nice enough, they clapped along to my song. The host was really good also. I would like to commend him for running a mini sound test for me and the powerful


It's like a come back from hiatus in doing live gigs after many many horrifying experiences last few years such as technical encounters with the sound setup issues and personal nervous breakdown & etc. One thing I learned from this show is being comfortable with who you are. Gaining people support will help too.

Let me end the post by wishing Tetra Pak, its organizers, committees and involved members a BIG THANK YOU! Thank you for the prize and experience to be on stage! THANKS to my parents and family members for coming over to support as well! : ]

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