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love the way David Cook adds and elaborates those hair-raising notes in singing each song's melody. If you listen to his voice closely on each notes, you'll notice his accuracy in singing them in lower octave.

He really inspires me big time after Blake Lewis.  I'm still uncertain with my singing skills. Hope you can give me feedback on any area. I don't have pro lessons, your feedback is a milestone for me to improve.

Download the audio here.

Category: Life Log | Views: 502 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-10 | Comments (2)


  How are you? Hope you are all doing well. 
Life has been a b*tch lately. Not only did I attended my previous mid-term exam 35minutes late, I fall ill for two days and now I got chicken pox?!

  UTAR life is already hard to handle with Wednesday student's co-curriculum time slots replaced with lectures. To stress more, weekly exams and piling up assignments.

 I got my chicken pox via my colleague. It was a sunny noon, I was heading to the canteen. Usually, I would sit and eat alone. However, that very day, I thought of being 'open-minded' when I saw my colleague.

 Then i headed towards her,and shared the table with her. It was then just me and her. She sat across me. So we chatted and she told she just recovered from a heavy fever last night. As we chatted, at some point of heavily conversing, I saw my saliva droplets sprinkled a little and he ... Read more »
Category: Life Log | Views: 498 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-08 | Comments (2)

       People stereotyped me as the nerdy hardworking guy in college throughout these years. I won't deny I am not but I want them to know I have a life too, beyond studying and varsity life. When invited for eatery and activity social gatherings, I declined their countless invitations. The reason was simply because I had chosen to prioritize my studies over gatherings. Having that said, might got you wondering if I am really a brilliant student. I like to esteem myself as one but when people acclaims, I deny in the sense of practicing humbleness and humility.

         However, definitely there are other students who are smarter than me and in fact, I admit being very jealous and envious of others who are enrolled in Harvard, Oxford and other top colleges/universities. I look up to them. To start off, I don't believe in my cours ... Read more »
Category: Life Log | Views: 448 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-08 | Comments (3)

   The subject paper was Management Principles. It weighs 20% of my course work. Two days before the exam, I went to the library to revise the subject with one of my course mates. Her friend was there too. She was reading the chinese newspaper of the horoscope sections. I could not read that language and would never bother to deliberate horoscope predictions.

   So, what happened was, my friend acted 'smart', she read the predictions for my horoscope, "Libra" exclaiming that I would be facing some nearing exam difficulties. My inner voice was like screaming, "Shut up already!" I wasn't bothered there and then because I don't 100% believe in such thing.

   I should have prayed there and then to reverse the curse to her. Just joking! haha! How you like that back,huh? I guess it became a self-fulfilling prophecy as my exam experience was adverse since I arrived late to the hall by 35minutes. I could not answer the paper at my 100% state. ... Read more »

Category: Life Log | Views: 587 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-11-02 | Comments (1)

Everyone loves to talk about relationship and love.
This vid goes out to everyone who are in the midst-of-finding-love or lack-of-love crisis.

Getting feedback from you would be great! Have a blast in your weekend!

Category: Life Log | Views: 498 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-10-24 | Comments (4)

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