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Chicken Pox
4:48 PM

  How are you? Hope you are all doing well. 
Life has been a b*tch lately. Not only did I attended my previous mid-term exam 35minutes late, I fall ill for two days and now I got chicken pox?!

  UTAR life is already hard to handle with Wednesday student's co-curriculum time slots replaced with lectures. To stress more, weekly exams and piling up assignments.

 I got my chicken pox via my colleague. It was a sunny noon, I was heading to the canteen. Usually, I would sit and eat alone. However, that very day, I thought of being 'open-minded' when I saw my colleague.

 Then i headed towards her,and shared the table with her. It was then just me and her. She sat across me. So we chatted and she told she just recovered from a heavy fever last night. As we chatted, at some point of heavily conversing, I saw my saliva droplets sprinkled a little and hers as well.

That night, I was announced via my class email broadcast she was chicken pox-ed and was asked to keep a perimeter away from her. I panicked upon reading. However, I thought I was fine, as the next week I was in perfect shape. THen, within a day, I felt sick suddenly with headache which got me thinking I had brain tumor. It lasted two days. It recovered and I went uni like normal. The next day red spots start appearing when I looked into the mirror. That was when I knew had been infected. :(

Right now, I am typing this post in my chicken-pox state. Had been taking advice to not go outside particularly at night, no oily or soil food. No scratching.

What I hate the most now is that, I am having blisters all over my body with leaking mayonise-like puss. Moreover, the spots grew on the "not-so good" spots: palm of my hands, finger tips, between my toes skins, my back and my *ahem* lil bro'. When I lie down to sleep, the back puss will split open and that sucks!

hope you feel my nightmare reading this. My college work would be piling up and i'd be missing out much on lectures. Damn!!

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