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  How are you? Hope you are all doing well. 
Life has been a b*tch lately. Not only did I attended my previous mid-term exam 35minutes late, I fall ill for two days and now I got chicken pox?!

  UTAR life is already hard to handle with Wednesday student's co-curriculum time slots replaced with lectures. To stress more, weekly exams and piling up assignments.

 I got my chicken pox via my colleague. It was a sunny noon, I was heading to the canteen. Usually, I would sit and eat alone. However, that very day, I thought of being 'open-minded' when I saw my colleague.

 Then i headed towards her,and shared the table with her. It was then just me and her. She sat across me. So we chatted and she told she just recovered from a heavy fever last night. As we chatted, at some point of heavily conversing, I saw my saliva droplets sprinkled a little and he ... Read more »
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       People stereotyped me as the nerdy hardworking guy in college throughout these years. I won't deny I am not but I want them to know I have a life too, beyond studying and varsity life. When invited for eatery and activity social gatherings, I declined their countless invitations. The reason was simply because I had chosen to prioritize my studies over gatherings. Having that said, might got you wondering if I am really a brilliant student. I like to esteem myself as one but when people acclaims, I deny in the sense of practicing humbleness and humility.

         However, definitely there are other students who are smarter than me and in fact, I admit being very jealous and envious of others who are enrolled in Harvard, Oxford and other top colleges/universities. I look up to them. To start off, I don't believe in my cours ... Read more »
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I got this from my email. I had a great time laughing! Hope you have a great laugh too!


... Read more »
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