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Main » 2008 » November » 2 » Unfortunate Event- I Was Late For My Mid-Term Exam!!!
Unfortunate Event- I Was Late For My Mid-Term Exam!!!
1:46 PM

   The subject paper was Management Principles. It weighs 20% of my course work. Two days before the exam, I went to the library to revise the subject with one of my course mates. Her friend was there too. She was reading the chinese newspaper of the horoscope sections. I could not read that language and would never bother to deliberate horoscope predictions.

   So, what happened was, my friend acted 'smart', she read the predictions for my horoscope, "Libra" exclaiming that I would be facing some nearing exam difficulties. My inner voice was like screaming, "Shut up already!" I wasn't bothered there and then because I don't 100% believe in such thing.

   I should have prayed there and then to reverse the curse to her. Just joking! haha! How you like that back,huh? I guess it became a self-fulfilling prophecy as my exam experience was adverse since I arrived late to the hall by 35minutes. I could not answer the paper at my 100% state.

   I freaked out when I saw everyone already doing the paper half way. I genuinely told the lecturers I thought the time was 5pm instead of 4pm. Truthfully, I stored the 'exam time' in my phone as a written reminder as 5pm. I don't know how did this happen either! By the way, I felt guilty on behalf of UTAR as they should have listed the timing on the web based learning portal with the purpose of properly documenting the written announcement of the exam. The time changed several times already. I admit being a bad listener, i rely more on visuals in-terms of memory empowerment.

Thus, the video below serves as a valuable lesson for me to not cry over spilt milk and express my surpressed feelings and rants.

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