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Main » 2008 » November » 15 » Crazy TAR College Students in Malaysia! LOL! Ouch!
Crazy TAR College Students in Malaysia! LOL! Ouch!
8:46 AM
Please watch until the end,I found this video via facebook community. It's about a daring daredevil who sits on the front of the car while it is driving. This is something absurdly crazy to do because it will block the driver's view.  Furthermore, the risk taker is risking his life.

WATCH until the end of the video. They really got into an accident. The car collides with another car from the opposite direction.

 Don't try this !!! The stunts you see are done by real pros.

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6 Xannon  
Touchdown! That's a really cool way of pttiung it!

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5 wenQ  
HAHA... yeah loh... sale tapi tak ada money.. > <

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4 Calvin J  
gosh... such crazyness... haha...

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3 sean  
acura: lol! good idea!
crazyfool: yea.. lol and speechless at same time
sabahking:wasted! :( it's really worth watching

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2 sabahking  
my house line too slow , cant see the video !! haiz....

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1 acura  
That guy is crazy and stupid at the same time. Nxt time sit on the roof. That way you wont block the driver's view haha

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