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Love Advice Gone Wrong from Cultivated Mindsets
4:59 PM
 We sometimes judge people meticulously in an analytical manner. This is the thing I did which made me feel really guilty. It becomes like a habit in my subconscious.


My pastor once preached in his sermon, “Hurt people hurt people.” Wounded people tend to do bad deeds upon others merely because they were once victims.


That line hit me real hard and rationalizes why I have prejudiced against certain type of people. Partly, it is my way of defending me.  For a feeling of security, at an emotional level, I eliminate possible threats digressing the possible opportunities.


 I merely have a strong bond in relationship because I stereotyped people. You donee this before? It’s like the paranoid feeling when someone suddenly tries to establish rapport with you and the situation where you want to step back after assessing them, mentally.



It’s like situations when girls try to be cautious of approaching strangers of strong physique with suspicious intentions. For all they think, the strangers are criminals. In their head, they want to avoid getting hurt physically.


Right now, I have the same fear except that the context differs, emotional injury instead of physical ones.


In my guess…

Most girls have higher Emotional Quote (EQ) level so they have higher endurance for emotional injuries while lower resistance to physical wounds. Vice versa for guys.


Just morning, I gave my friend a bad-biased advice from my personal perspective.


 He faced a dilemma on whether to

a) Forgo a dance event because his primary date cannot make it.




b) Going to the dance with a not-so-good-looking girl which was his friend who are interested in going for the event.


I adviced him to choose selection a). I justify that, if he chose b) he won’t enjoy the dance process and if he looks back few years from now, the outcome of attending a grand dance event  means nothing if he didn’t enjoy the process of dancing with the not hot girl. You know lar, we guys are after all, are chicks hunters.


But after I went home, I realized what a dumb advice I had given to my friend. My paradigm was nothing but shallow and narrow minded. Hence, I told him I was wrong. Maybe we should never look from a “Syok-Sendiri” / selfish perspective.

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Well done

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Yo Happy Chinese New Year.

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