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Personal Online Contest Winnings
2:05 PM

God has indeed blessed me. I have won several competitions online that enabled me to express myself via BeatBoxing and Guitar. For someone, with no formal education in both music form, these prizes serve as a motivation to proceed with these interests in future and appreciate the endurance from the pasts. Spitting and farting sound were a common tease labeled on my attempt for BeatBoxing at the beginning. I like to think that I am freaking butterfly finally breaking its way out of the cocoon but that would sound too gay. LOL.
Anyway, here is the list of competitions won and prizes:

1) MTV BestShowEver
I won 2 unit of this watch again.


Previously, I have won one already. Find more about it HERE!

HOW I won this time? Here is funny/fortunate story, when my entry was nominated among the Top 5 in MTV Asia, I decided to vote for my own video because I didn't really want to expose my vid to my family and friends. How awkward that would be, right? As a result, I was picked as the lucky voter. So they sent me a unit of the same watch. Unfortunately, it was partially broken. Therefore, they sent me another unit. As a result, now I have 3 unit of it. Anyone wants to buy? The partly spoiled one can sell you cheaper. X )


2)100 PLUS Challenge
I won the challenge for
Month 3
and Month 4.
As a result, I got myself RM300(6 X RM50) voucher for spending in TopShop/TopMan or any other clothing retails under this company.
Also, I won the RM 300 (6 X RM50) Nike Voucher too.

3) Talent Time
Actually, this contest I'm not fully interested to participate because of the weekly prize but just joined because i heard it in the radio and I wanted to reuse my old videos and also win the cash of RM 5,000.
So, here is the winning shot.
TalentTime Silky
Prize? Silky Girl Products worth RM 300. The prize maybe gonna give my sister. =.=" LOL.

I feel the boons. Undeniably, I am not rich. An opportunity to own and spend on these products are amazing.

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2 Stu Ungar   [Entry]
Привіт всім, я люблю цю роботу в цій веб -сторінці , ви даєте хорошу інформацію з великою писати! Цей сайт дуже повчальний !
Мене звуть Ліндсей , з Нью - Джерсі, так що я збираюся бути шанувальником цього веб -сайту , мої інтереси можуть бути нудним, але я скажу їм все одно я обожнюю покер онлайн, а також спорту в цілому, і я також граю багато лікування на мого боку , я без одного в той момент, щоб чоловіки користувачам .... жарт: )! Я вже намагався знайомства він не працював дуже добре ....
Я написав цей коментар, тому що як я вже згадував, що я дуже люблю ваш сайт в мене також є інтернет -спільнота так само, як ви, але моє Вея відрізняється від вашого, мова йде про не депозит бонус ....:)
Я також буду вибачатися моєю мовою це був єдиний спосіб отримати поговорити з вами , хлопці ....Залишатися в доброму стані, щоб всі ви, Побачимося

1 aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~   [Entry]
so u decided not to give out the vouchers? aww... =(

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