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NuffNang Music Bash 2009
4:17 PM

4 April 2009
Yesterday, I went to NuffNang’s 2nd Annual Anniversary Celebration: NuffNang Music Bash 2009 powered by Maxis Broadband. Initially, when I got the free invites for two person, I was very excited. I just know I have to go because I already FFK, the previous two invitations from NuffNang on Digi Blogger’s Meet and Kakiis Nite Out. Before the event, my car broke down and so had to exert lots of energy on rigorous car-pushing at the hot sweaty afternoon. : /

Anyway, the theme last night was Music Celebrity. My fashion was more on hip-hop.
experimentalism seanlon

experimentalism seanlon

The Blogger Band is quite good. Like their rendition on Howie Day’s collide.
experimentalism seanlon

The MC, Liang is really enthusiastic and skillful in conducting the event. Thumbs up for his professionalism.
experimentalism seanlon

The DJ was superb when he started pumping up the tracks after the official closing of the event agendas.
experimentalism seanlon

Here is the winner of the best impersonator. Julian Hopkins as Bob Marley.
experimentalism seanlon

Lady Gaga is cool too.
experimentalism seanlon

After looking at the photos, I kind of feel like the event is like cosplay except in different context. Overall, the food and drinks, games, crowd and prize-giveaway sessions are good. Congratulations to NuffNang on their successful 2 Years. However, honestly, I was not really enjoying the event last night, my camera casing went missing suddenly and I was feeling tired after doing final year project and car-pushing. I do apologize if I do appear arrogant to anyone or uninterested to communicate.

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7 Sean  
Jolyn Goh aka Pink: HI! :D

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6 Jolyn Goh aka Pink  

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5 Sean  
Jayelle: hahaha. no prob! :D

alli : Yeah, will. : )

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4 Jayelle  
Hey theree..:) greetings from lady gaga! :)

thank YOU for taking a picture with me.;) Don't feel too bad about the lost case ya! thankfully it's not the camera that went missing.

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3 alli  
hope u find a new casing soon.

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2 sean  
Wow..dint kno tht.
Yeah, it was really bizarre how my casing went missing .
Sure, see you, next time.

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1 BLue  
aww, another blogger lost something in the event. I lost my sun glasses and some one lost her Maxis T as well. Next time if you see me, just say hi and I'll snap with you :)

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