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Main » 2009 » June » 27 » Urbanscapes 2009 @ KL PAC, Sentul
Urbanscapes 2009 @ KL PAC, Sentul
6:33 PM

My first time visiting KLPAC Urbanscapes.

Whole-day art festival with an indoor and outdoor carnival-like setting. Imagine a place where all creative individuals hangout for a day. It's crazy.

I went there with Kimberly Sng, one of Malaysia's top female beatboxers. Hehe.

experimentalism seanlon

Before entering the air-conditioned building. Haven! : D
experimentalism seanlon

Headed to the CINESCAPES. Watch the first one.
experimentalism seanlon

During the set-ups.
experimentalism seanlon

I was puzzled when they asked me for my age, at the ticket booth. When I watched "The Flowers Beneath My Skin", I finally understood why. Regarding a trans-gender's state before and after operation, the show has scenes with visually-disturbing graphics. It showed how this guy is constantly joyfully giving in to the request from the inner-girl in him. The inner-girl portray a psychotic behavior as she constantly takes knife and scissors attempting to amputate all the boy's body parts. The climax reached when she cut-ed off the guy's dick and laugh hysterically. I like the message conveyed drastically but I feel the show is too draggy at most scenes. Left 10 minutes before it ends as it gets monotonous.

After that, headed to INDICINE, a mini auditorium with more local movies. There was no chair, everyone was seated on the floor. 5 minutes later, we moved on to explore the area inside the building and took some pictures on the way out

experimentalism seanlon

Media representative from a new Chinese Astro Channel interviewed us and sexyback.
experimentalism seanlon

THE BOX. A sketch act was going on there. This is the place to be, if you are into dance, poetry, folk and musical mixtures.
experimentalism seanlon

Here are some pics taken at lawn stage.
experimentalism seanlon
People chilling to watch that performance. Don't know them but quite rhythmic and catchy performance. They sang something "Kepala otak" in kinda catch
experimentalism seanlon

Nice lake view nearby.
experimentalism seanlon

LOL! To any girl reader, do you still fancy guys wearing pink clothes?
experimentalism seanlon

Makan time. Bazaar.
experimentalism seanlon

Quite expensive-lah the food and drinks.
experimentalism seanlon

If you are a shopaholic or merchandise art-enthusiasts at home and want to visit the MARKETPLACE, the video below for you is a 1st person walking view. Ignore my un-witty opinionated conversations. haha.

Lastly, the video below is a dedication,' holla' and shoutout to thank Nuffnang for the free invites. Creative juices X100. :D

Took free shuttle van service. Back and forth. Went home at 3.30p.m to avoid crowding in public transports(Higher risk of theft, robbery, etc) in peak time . Stopped by McDonald's for Tea in Subang. :D
Also, thanks to DustyHawk's URBANSCAPES posts.. Till then again.

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1 jrhogan  
Hi ya, I missed this event so I have to wait for next year... looks like a load of fun there!

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