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6:33 PM
Yesterday, it was kinda like magic in my life. Well, temporarily at least.

My assignment marks turned out well despite all group members doing work on the last day before submission. Despite the internal group member conflict as well. Survival skill really However, all members really put in effort. They can all embrace the marks as theirs. :D We all expect 60marks like that , but 88 is a shocker, considering the lecturer's(Winnie Wong) standard!

Besides that, the girl I am fond of actually deliberately tried her best to make me notice her? Maybe I'm just too 'perasan' or self-indulgent. hehehe. Yeah, I am desperate for a damn hot gf. But like any other guys, maintenance issues. I know i dont have long-term finance, time, effort and appearence capabilities yet. But i m not going to put myself down. So, yeah..thank you black Adam Lambert hair and Bob Marley smile.  ;]

My program runs in front of my supervisor. After several weeks of eye torture and typing in the laptop, finaly almost complete it. Thanks to my course mate Kenny for lending me his laptop.

Also, I got an offer by a lecturer with doctorate title, to continue research program in the field after degree with RM2,000 monthly pay. I haven't decide yet. I know it is a rare opportunity but I worry if it will contradict my interests.

All within same day = MAGIC

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