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Industrial Training Completion
11:59 AM
     Recently, life is starting to seem exciting again. I had just completed my industrial training at 30 September 2008.
     It was that unexpected Tuesday when the Managing Director (M.D) for that company honored me with the certificate of Internship Completion. He personally looked for me in the Technical department of his company.

     Apart from inquiring to get my feedback on the internship experiences with his company, he also informed me gleefully what my supervisor (technical department head) had written on my Trainee’s Appraisal Form.
     As I recalled partly, it was “able to accomplish given tasks with precision and style” I still wondered what the 'style' represents? Sounds like a cheesy advertisement punch line. LOL!  What you think?

      However, as I was trying to response with a grin, the M.D, Mr Ng added the negative line “This trainee needs to improve his handwriting”. It was like a 'WTF' moment for me. He chuckled aloud uttering the written statement of my supervisor. I stood there speechless. I am not going to disapprove this fact but to me, handwriting is rather insignificant in the I.T career line as we use keyboard to write and communicate.
      Actually, this is not my first time hearing this remark. My mom, lecturer, friends, supervisor, colleagues and even stranger teasingly warned me before. I guess in reality, this is steps from 'Lesson 101: How to kill creativity'. What else can I say in defiance?

     Now, let’s resume to the topic. I appreciate my internship experience a lot. There are plenty of the aspects and moments I cherished throughout. Here is the list of them:

1) Environment Flexibility: I get to travel to a customer’s place(on-site) and also work in the office(in-house) depending on the supervisor’s assignment.  Hence, this suits my ideal job description of a working balance. I refuse to work in a confine predictable environment where excitements extinct.

When in-house, I mainly deal with hardware testing, fixing and research and documentation (during in-house). Also, some phone support to customer calling in.

When on-site, I get to meet people and usually my tasks are to perform computer hardware and troubleshooting based on the Job sheets generated by my in-house colleagues. Sometimes, get to meet 9/10 working chicks1 ;)

Imagine being “stuck-ed in the office” forever.

2)  Traveling interests: Being on-site is exciting because I get to go different places and meet new faces and places. Occasionally, I enjoy a good cuisine depending on the place I am assigned. Besides that, being chauffeured in job cannot be any better. When the distant is long, I take a nap allowably in the van.
Furthermore, I leart from the driver new and express traveling routes to local destinations.  

So far, I have enjoyed myself in more than 5 shopping complexes and 10 famous restaurants when working on-site. My colleague even thought me the secret technique of 'Loitering in Mamaks Without Being Noticed by the Supervisor'. We just made up excuses saying the customer site requires more thorough diagnosis on their hardware.

Okay, I guess I should stop here.  My noble uncle who is working in China came down at 26 September 2008 for a mid-year holiday trip. Yay!

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