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P/s: This post is suitable to anyone of all ages and contains 100% imaginary jokes. However, viewer discretion is advised. This post is solely an expression of Dr Crap, a fictional character. You are not advised to actuate the site owner/author, Sean Lon with Dr. Crap. By the way, Dr. Crap is also a Kuching blogger. View related post.

Many people have the mindset that if a guy has a piercing on the right side of his ear, that guy is a homosexual.
experimentalism seanlon

Else, that guy is considered ‘straight’ otherwise.
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Category: My Perspectives | Views: 717 | Added by: sean | Date: 2008-10-05 | Comments (1)

3 October 2008. It was my holiday. I visited Genting Highlands with my family and relatives. In total, there were five of us traveling, in a car. I have not been there since the year 2005 and thus, was pretty excited.

The weather was fine, snapped a picture of the beautiful clear sky.
experimentalism seanlon

   Before we reached there, we stopped by Gotong Jaya for lunch. Then, we headed to find a parking spot in Genting Highlands First World hotel. Within 20 minutes, we got our car parked. It was unlike, the previous bad experience I had with my dad; scouting approximately 1 hour for a legal parking spot.

The basement parking led us into the First World Hotel Lobby. Here is a photo of me in the first worl ... Read more »

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