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Main » 2008 » December » 18 » T-Pain-like Voice on Negaraku
T-Pain-like Voice on Negaraku
5:46 PM
Tomorrow I'm departing Malaysia for Shenzen,China and Hong Kong Disneyland for holiday. Here is something, I want you to listen.

Today, I was kinda bored so I experimented with the audio effects. Discovered how to use the 'talkbox' effect which T-pain and Lil Wayne and other rap stars used these days on their songs. Even Kanye West used it on his latest song, "Love Lockdown".

 I may be wrong on the term used but just to be sure here are the synonyms of the song so you may search more via search engines.

"Talk box", "vocoder", "auto tune" , "T-Pain voice"

So, a crazy thought crawled into my head. "What if T-Pain sings our local anthem?" Hence, I initiated the experiment. I know there are past controversies on the origin of this song(Mamula Moon) and heated arguments on whether the parody(Negarakuku by Namewee) was an insensitive act.

Nevertheless, it's over. By the way, I managed to find and transpose the chords which I will include. Download it from the music section from the server.

The song, turned out okay to me.  Is it to you?
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