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   Shenzhen, China is very near Hong Kong. Just a river sets the both apart. We decided to enter Hong Kong via bus. Specifically, via the Disney Land Package offered by the Bus Station.

Queuing up for a bus after purchasing the tickets.

sean lon experimentalism seanlon

The crowd was tremendous.

sean lon experimentalism seanlon

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   Almost everyone, especially the ladies like to state “traveling” as part of their interests in their personal profiles. It was a taboo word to me- I dare not describe that as part of my interest because I never knew how fun traveling could be.

Not until my uncle and auntie sponsor this vacation trip. Thank you! This is my best Christmas gift, ever received. 19 -23 December 2008. For this trip, I explored areas in Shenzhen (China) and Hong Kong. However, in this post, I would be sharing only on Shenzhen-pertinent experiences.

It was a 4-hour flying journey from our LCCT airport to Shenzhen International Airport.

In the plane, after munching down the graphically over-rated menu meals.

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